Password Managers

Password Managers

If you want to protect your data, your passwords might just be your most important line of defense. All your passwords should be strong and unique. It can be difficult to remember these different passwords. A password manager makes password management safe and easy. It helps you to remember each unique password for every website. Password managers can also help you create a unique and strong password for a new account. This section will tell you everything you need to know about password managers.

How Password Storage Helps Your Online Security

Email, streaming services, Google, web shops, social media - you probably have countless accounts on several of these websites and platforms. For almost each account you create, you'll have to think of a password that will allow you to access any of the data locked behind that account. It's important that all these passwords are unique, or otherwise your accounts could be hacked pretty easily. This means you'll have dozens of passwords to remember - unless you use a password manager.

Password managers, such as Blur and 1Password, allow you to store all of your passwords safely in their "password vaults". From the moment you've installed one, all you need to remember is your master password, which will give you access to the password manager and all the accounts you've saved there. You won't have to write passwords down on a piece of paper that might get stolen, or keep a Word document with sensitive information that could fall into the wrong hands, ever again. Your password manager's got you covered with one simple app.

You can read more about how password managers work and which ones are the safest to use in the articles below.

Password Manager Reviews

There are countless companies that offer password managers. Before you download a password manager, however, you obviously want to make sure that you're dealing with a company you trust. The password manager that'll help you store your passwords, needs to handle that information with care. In addition, it's important that the software is easy to use.

We have tested several password managers on their security and ease of use. Not sure which manager to choose? Our reviews will help you out!

Are All Password Managers Safe?

We would advise anyone who spends a lot of time online to install a password manager, so it can keep track of your passwords and other sensitive information. However, not all password managers are 100% safe. When using a manager, you'll need to give it access to all of your important passwords. That's why it's important to choose a password manager you can trust.

Some self-proclaimed "password managers" misuse that trust, gather your personal information, and use it against you. This could have disastrous consequences. What if your credit card is tied to your Amazon account, which has now been compromised, for example? Similarly, other password managers simply aren't secure enough, even though they might have the best intentions. If they aren't capable of keeping your information safe, you shouldn't run the risk of using them.

To make sure you don't accidentally use a form of password storage that will do more harm than good, we've tested different managers on their safety, level of privacy, and other factors such as usability. This way, you'll always know what you're getting yourself into, whether you're looking for the best password manager out there, or just for a decent free one.

The Advantages of Using a Password Manager

Password managers will help you remember all passwords you use online, but there are more advantages to using them. In fact, password managing apps help you make your system much safer, more efficient, and more pleasant to work with. This is because password managers:

  • Encrypt your passwords so no one but you has access to them.
  • Save you time, as you can log into your accounts automatically or with just one click.
  • Create unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts, so none of them are easy to guess for outsiders.
  • Work on different devices, so you can log into your accounts on both your computer and smartphone without too much effort.

In short, password managers can make your online life easier and safer. Would you like even more online protection? Make sure you've got a good antivirus program running on your device to keep malware at bay. Moreover, a VPN helps you stay more secure and anonymous while also giving you more freedom on the internet.