About VPNOverview.com

Last edited: April 22, 2022

Time flies! Back in 2014 we launched our first VPN website for the Dutch market. What started as a simple Dutch blog site with reviews of VPN providers, has now grown into a leading range of international VPN websites covering all aspects of online privacy, cybersecurity, and internet freedom.

We believe it’s pivotal to write about these subjects, because the world around us is rapidly evolving. Today’s internet offers almost unlimited possibilities and opportunities, but at the same time it comes with risks. VPNs and cybersecurity are topics that many people believe to be technical and difficult. That’s why we try to explain these subjects in the most accessible and simple way possible, so that everyone will be able to understand.

So who are the people behind VPNOverview.com?

A small, dedicated team of cybersecurity and privacy professionals works on VPNOverview.com on the daily. Our main office is in The Netherlands, although we also have people working remotely from all over the world. Below we’ll introduce the core of our team in more detail.

David Janssen – Founder

David JanssenAllow me to introduce myself. My name is David Janssen, and I was born and raised in The Netherlands. Over the past years, I’ve spent a lot of time abroad, working for the United Nations (World Bank), various governments, consultancy firms, and NGOs. Currently, I’m in charge of VPNOverview.com’s research efforts in the field of online privacy and cybersecurity.

I’ve had a special interest in VPNs, online privacy, and cybersecurity for as long as I can remember. In addition to being a cybersecurity analyst, I’m also a healthcare professional. I feel there’s an urgent need to thoroughly scrutinize how to ensure security and privacy in healthcare settings, especially since cybercriminals are becoming more insolent and remorseless with each passing day. Think of ransomware attacks increasingly affecting hospitals and healthcare institutions, or cybercriminals extorting mental health patients after gaining access to confidential patient records in a data breach. I’m convinced many more similar incidents will occur in the coming years, all over the world, underlining the importance of our work.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to add me on LinkedIn. Want to get in touch via e-mail? You can reach me at [email protected]

Tove Marks

Tove MarksMy name is Tove and I’m a copywriter and translator. I mainly write news articles for VPNOverview.com. I especially like to dive into the latest developments in the privacy debate. Within the themes of cybersecurity and privacy, I’m primarily interested in the political implications of the ever-increasing influence of the internet.

I’m very interested in topics such as censorship and internet freedom. I also take care of VPNOverview’s social media accounts to make sure important information and findings are distributed properly for the world to see.

Ronella van der Burgt

Ronella van der Burgt AvatarMy name is Ronella. I work as an editor and content creator at VPNOverview.com. I am very passionate about language, editing and writing. Besides writing about cybersecurity and privacy, I also make sure that articles are regularly updated. On top of that I test VPN providers and write reviews giving reliable advice. What should you look for when choosing a VPN and what are the best VPNs? I provide answers to these questions and more.

I try to gather all of the facts by doing research and delving deep into a subject. How do we make our digital society as safe as possible? This is a question of great importance, with which I like to deal. The current digital developments entail that we are constantly faced with new security issues.

I like to share my cybersecurity expertise in understandable language so that it is clear to everyone. I think it is important to raise awareness about cybersecurity and inform people about the risks and pitfalls. This is essential to tackle cybercrime.

Grace Dennis

Grace DennisMy name is Grace and I have a background in Information Technology. I have worked as a business analyst/programmer mainly in the legal industry and as an IT consultant or as part of an in-house IT department in legal firms. Working as an IT professional has allowed me to live and work in several European countries as well as in Australia, where I grew up and completed my tertiary education. Since 2009 I have been working from home creating content for clients’ websites and providing copy editing and proof-reading services for online content and paper-based documents. I have also built websites using WordPress. I joined the VPNOverview team in 2019 writing cybersecurity and internet privacy-based news articles. Due to my IT background in legal firms, these subjects have always been of great interest to me, but since becoming a parent these have taken on special importance. I feel that the safety of children on the internet is paramount.

Sandra Gyles

Sandra GylesMy name is Sandra. I joined the VPNOverview team in 2019. After graduating (a long time ago), I worked for a large PR & Communications company, where I managed a variety of clients, mainly in the IT and tech sector (b-to-c as well as b-to-b). In 2006, I became a co-director of a small business, which specializes in IT, editorial services, and communications project management. I’m also a freelance writer, journalist, and proof-reader for a broad range of online and print publications. I love the outdoors and that’s one of the reasons I moved to Australia almost 10 years ago. Being a mum of twins, I’m fascinated yet cautious about how natural the IoT is to children.

More about my professional background on LinkedIn.

Mirza Silajdzic

Mirza SilajdzicHi, my name is Mirza Silajdzic. I have lived and studied in several different countries which gave me the opportunity to work in a number of industries including marketing, advertising, journalism, and media. My undergraduate studies were Film Studies & Screen Practice in London, UK and for my Master’s degree I concentrated on Global Communications in Paris, France.

I’ve been connected and near a computer or some sort of device ever since I can remember. The technology landscape has always been a passion of mine, as well as writing, research, sociology, music, film, and photography (oh and travel, of course!).

I believe that privacy, transparency, honesty, and fairness are all factors that are crucial for the functioning of a healthy society, so I will be working on consolidating news and outreach at VPNOverview.com.

Tijana Simic

Tijana SimicHi there, my name is Tijana, and I am VPNOverview.com’s voice on social media. I work closely together with our research and editorial team, and make sure our articles and research findings are adequately covered and disseminated via our social media channels. My work allows me to stay up to date with the latest updates on tech and security.

I joined the VPNOverview.com team because IT security, privacy, and freedom of information are topics of the highest importance in today’s world, and areas I myself care a lot about. I’m a privacy advocate, and genuinely oppose the fact that in today’s world everyone seems to want access to my face, my fingerprints, and my personal information. So what’s next? Will big tech and governments soon demand access to my DNA? Let’s try to preserve what little privacy we have left, since it is worth fighting for!

Veronica Miller

Veronica MillerHi! My name is Veronica Miller and I’m a cybersecurity analyst at VPNOverview.com. I specialize in corporate and enterprise security, developing best practices for cybersecurity and business operations protection for partner organizations.

A leading expert on cybersecurity for Tech industries, I have over 10 years of experience in security breaches, big data analytics, audit, compliance, and IT forensics.

Maria Teresa Cantafora

Maria Teresa CantaforaHi! I’m Maria Teresa from Rome, Italy, collaborating with VPNOverview for Italian translations. Security and privacy are increasingly important today, and I’m happy to help spread the information about these critical topics.

My career as a translator started in an unusual way. After working as a lawyer for 7 years, I had the chance to learn about digital marketing. I realized that there was a huge potential to express my creativity and to connect with other people internationally. After gaining experience with photo editing, content marketing, and SEO, I became a freelancer on Upwork and started working as a translator and copywriter for a few companies.

I’m a sincere person who does not like compromise and believes in people a lot. I don’t shy away from challenges, work, and responsibilities. At the same time, I love fun, shopping, and traveling. When not translating or writing articles, I spend my time reading and watching videos about SEO.

Germán Suárez

Germán SuárezMy name is Germán, and I was born in the region of Catalonia, Spain. I have a degree in Engineering and six years of experience translating from English to Spanish and Catalan for several tech and software companies, and I’m collaborating with VPNOverview since 2019 translating their web content into Spanish.

Sidney Araujo

Sidney AraujoHi! My name is Sidney Araujo. I’m Brazilian and I love technology. I have a degree in Computing Science, a postgraduate in IT Management, and MBA in Leadership, Innovation, and Management. I am currently an IT consultant, focused on systems and infrastructure management.

Also, I’m a technical translater and at VPNOverview.com I can merge my 2 passions: tech and the English language. Although I have a lot of years of experience with IT, VPNOverview.com gave me an opportunity to learn more and to help share important information about security with people from my native language.

In my free time, I like to walk on the beach with my family, play the guitar, cycle and paddle. More information about me on my LinkedIn page.

Jan Gleisner

Jan GleisnerBorn in Sweden, living mainly in Stockholm. At VPNOverview I translate web content into Swedish while outside VPNOverview I mainly do SEO copywriting and photography. I studied behavioral science and marketing.

Isabelle Skontorp

Isabelle SkontorpMy name is Isabelle, and I was born and raised in Norway, living in Spain. At VPNOverview I translate web content into Norwegian while outside of VPNOverview I mainly do Freelance copywriting, translations, and Consulting as a Drilling Supervisor in the oil & gas industry. Working on Platforms.

I’m an Educated Petroleum engineer, with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Petroleum Technology.

Would you like to get in touch with me? Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn.

Lauren Mak

Lauren MakHi, my name is Lauren. I work as a copywriter for VPNOverview. When I was younger, I always wanted to be a journalist. Along the line, however, I got really interested in politics and decided to study International Relations and North American Studies instead. Now that I work at VPNOverview, I am lucky enough to combine my love for research with my passion for writing!

One of the topics I’m most interested in is the relationship between tech and society. Every single day, technological developments continue to shape the way we live our lives. Having worked in civil society and the non-profit sector, I’ve experienced the importance of privacy, freedom, and internet safety up close. At VPNOverview, my articles focus on these and similar issues such as censorship and international security.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, reading, and working on my one-day-to-be-finished novel. I love a good cup of coffee, cheap-seat theater performances, and talking about the state of the world over dinner with friends. When it’s not too cold outside, you can find me swimming, sailing and – until I’m lucky enough to get my own – going on hikes with other people’s dogs.

Djordje Djordjevic

Djordje DjordjevicMy name is Djordje – a Serbian law student turned copywriter and cybersecurity aficionado. I’ve spent the larger part of my career writing about Internet privacy security and have an extensive background in web research. I’m especially interested in analyzing all the problems legislators encounter trying to keep up with modern online threats. Call it a personal hobby of mine.

The Internet is NOT inherently a safe place anymore. But I believe it can be. If we all learn how to protect ourselves and our families online. I’ve joined VPNOverview.com after recognizing a group of talented and dedicated individuals who shared my philosophy regarding privacy, cybersecurity, and Internet freedom.

Legal regulations will always play the catch-up game with modern online reality. So, it’s up to us to tip the scales in our favor and keep making the internet safer for everyone.

Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore Headshot About UsI’m Taylor, a news journalist turned online tech writer. I’ve covered everything from sports, crime, and government, to explosive startups, venture capital, AI, cybercrime, FinTech, and cryptocurrency. For VPNOverview.com, I’m be focusing mainly on tech news and content about cybersecurity, online privacy, and internet freedom.

Between researching VPNs and writing for cybersecurity and software development companies, I couldn’t help myself – I went down the rabbit hole. I’m fortunate that I was able to find like-minded folks to share the journey with here at VPNOverview.com. As our lives have moved increasingly more online, it’s more important than ever to be conscientious about our safety and privacy.

I’m from the United States, but didn’t stay there long after college, bouncing around the Caribbean and Asia before settling down in Europe. I’m a bit of a sports junkie, so I discovered VPNs while hunting for college football games from back home.

Bas Teunissen

Bas TeunissenHey everyone! My name is Bas, tech editor, IT researcher, and all-around computer connoisseur at VPNOverview.com. I like to write, so you’ll find me all over VPNOverview.com as the author of anything from news to in-depth reviews of virus scanners, VPN services, and password managers.

If you ask me, the internet has become so intertwined with our society that we can no longer function without it. As a result, I’ve made it my mission to make sure that everyone knows how to access the internet safely and securely. To do this, I leverage my years of writing experience alongside my experience with hardware, software, and cybersecurity to shake up the black box of technical mumbo jumbo and cyber-voodoo. The result is easily digestible information on complex technical topics that helps people keep themselves safe online.

In my free time, I like to tinker around inside my gaming pc, making it a little faster every time I put it back together. Frames win games! When I’m not gaming, I’m probably immersed in some mystical world brought about by word wizards such as Tolkien.

Chris Bluvshtein

Chris BluvshteinMy name’s Chris, and I’ve been writing across different mediums for about a decade. I won’t lie; I’m not one of those people who wrote novels and journals from the moment I could hold a pen. I didn’t realize that I wanted to be a writer until I fell into a linguistics degree at university.

Since then, I’ve ghostwritten ‘Best Sellers’ on Amazon for major names in the education niche. I’ve self-published more than 15 books of my own, both fiction and non-fiction. I also ran the cybersecurity blog for a growing tech start-up on the south coast of England for several years. I’m an avid user of VPNs and well-versed in the importance of online privacy, and I’ve still been a victim of cybercrime in the past. This is why we cannot be complacent as the internet continues to grow and evolve.

In my spare time – hah, does such a thing exist? – I mostly work on my self-publishing or spend time traveling with my family. I’m also learning and can speak a little Russian to around a B1 level on the CEFR. If you want to get in touch with me, you can do so through my website, CopyGhost.

Mehak Siddiqui

Mehak SiddiquiHi, my name is Mehak. I’m from India but have lived in a few different places. I’ve been writing for over a decade and as someone who loves both traveling and technology, staying safe online is of prime importance to me. At VPNOverview, I enjoy researching and writing in-depth articles and reviews that can help everyone have better, safer relationships with all things tech.

Apart from cybersecurity, I’m an expert on the Apple ecosystem and have written hundreds of articles about using your iPhone and Mac. I’m always staying updated on the latest tech developments and their impact on global communities. You can get to know more about me and join me on my travels on Instagram.

Nenad Sibinovikj

Nenad SibinovikjHi everyone, my name is Nenad, and I am an experienced communication specialist. For VPNOverview.com, I’m responsible for public relations. This means I work in close liaison with cybersecurity experts, privacy advocates, NGOs, and human rights organizations from all over the world.

The VPNOverview.com team wants to contribute to an internet that is secure, private, and freely accessible to anyone, regardless of what country people are from. An important part of getting our message across is collaborating with like-minded organizations, governments, and publishers worldwide. Collectively, we stand so much stronger in defending these core values.

I am a hardworking, honest and responsible team player with a Bachelor of Science Degree, focused in International Business, Trade, and Commerce, from The Saints Cyril and the Methodius University of Skopje, Macedonia. In recent years, I gained valuable experience at companies like NinjaOutreach.

Prateek Jha

Prateek JhaMy name is Prateek, and I am a technology policy researcher with a background in law. My areas of interest include data protection, privacy, digital currencies, and digital literacy.

Outside of my research interests, I am an avid reader and I’m engaged in projects on sustainable farming practices in India.

For VPNOverview.com I keep track of developments regarding privacy legislation and cybersecurity, amongst other things.

Najam Ahmed

Najam AhmedMy name’s Najam, but you can call me Naj. I work as a senior editor at VPNOverview. I started my career in content marketing back in 2012 when I was just 17 and have continued to pursue it fervently with a passion since then. I have a degree in finance. I’ve written for many blogs, primarily in the SaaS space.

I know firsthand just how important internet security and privacy are, and I feel very passionate about the work we are doing at VPNOverview. I dream of a world where the internet is freely accessible to anyone, regardless of geopolitical restrictions. Until that dream turns into reality, I will continue to advocate for it.

I have extensive experience in all sorts of content, including eBooks, long-form content, and technical writing. I am more than just a wordsmith though; I love classic rock, reading, and making music. Think we have something in common? Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Aaron Phillips

Aaron PhillipsI’m a programmer and cyber security professional living and working in Seattle. I’m into retro gaming, reading, hacking, cooking, and Raspberry Pi projects. My favorite podcast is Bonanas for Bonanza. Some of my favorite authors are Vonnegut, Heinlein, Pirsig, Niven, Pournelle, and dril. I’ve been getting into bug bounty hunting lately.

Nica Cruz

Nica CruzI’m Nica, news and tech editor at VPNOverview. My educational background is in journalism, and I’m an advocate for freedom of information, data privacy, and media literacy.

At VPNOverview, I write about internet safety, stay on top of tech news, and coach talented writers as they develop their work.

Aside from cybersecurity, I’m also passionate about the environment. I work closely with local governments in the Philippines, helping develop large-scale recycling management infrastructure.

When I’m not working, I’m either spending time with my dog, playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, or trying my hand at new hobbies, languages, and skills.

Allison Troutner

Allison TroutnerHello, I’m Allison! I’m a journalist and copywriter based in the Midwest in the United States. I started my career as a researcher in cultural anthropology. Connecting the general public to interesting information and compelling stories has always been my biggest muse. Research is the foundation of all of my writing. I work diligently to find quality information, facts, and stories and share it with eager readers in a creative (and informative) way!

As a tech writer, I create copy for information technology managed service providers (MSPs) across the U.S. and sometimes, the world. I write about their work to fight against cybercrime and the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Before writing full-time, I worked nearly five years in education administration which gives me unique insight into how tech is shaping the way we teach our children.

As a writer, researcher, and parent of two young children, it was a natural step to start writing about the relationship between tech, parenting, children, and online safety for VPNOverview. A rapidly changing tech and media climate motivates me each day to provide parents and families with accurate, helpful information that keeps parents and children safe online.

Neal Venter

Neal Venter During my time spent at school in Bahrain, I never thought that my career would involve writing and cybersecurity.

It took a long time for me to realize this passion, but writing has become something special to me. I discovered my passion for writing when I landed a freelance job for a motorsport website.

Now my writing is taking me through a journey of discovery, where I can explore new topics, expand my knowledge and find more interests.

Nathan Daniels

Nathan DanielsI’m Nathan and I have a background in Journalism. I’ve been a part of the VPNOverview team since July 2019. In recent years I’ve been developing an increasingly profound interest in cybersecurity, internet privacy, and the internet as a source of information and communication. This stems from my interest in media and information services/platforms in various countries. I greatly value the possibilities that the internet offers in the fields of education and communication.

Specifically, My interests lie in creating and updating great content for the website and other platforms. I also like to help bring these texts to the attention of the general public through PR-related activities. In my spare time, I have a great passion for music, play the guitar and compose my own songs. I also like traveling, documentaries and good books. I believe that these hobbies help develop my creativity, which I then channel into writing even stronger content for VPNOverview.

Mohit Chawdhry

Mohit ChawdhryHey! My name’s Mohit and I’m a Copywriter at VPNOverview. I hold a degree in law and regularly write about the crossing between emerging technologies and legal and regulatory frameworks. I specifically enjoy reading and writing about fair competition and privacy in digital markets. My interest in privacy is what attracted me to VPNOverview, which does a great job of spreading awareness regarding online privacy. I write about cybersecurity, unblocking and cover sports events.

Outside of my writing, I like to spend time watching the EPL, NBA and UFC. I enjoy reading about historical events and the evolution of the human race. Currently, I’m exploring the booming world of crpyto, NFTs and DeFi.

Ian Hinga

Ian HingaHi, my name is Ian Hinga, a marketer and cybersecurity enthusiast turned content writer. At VPNOverview, I’m especially passionate about internet freedom because of the role it played in my life having been brought up in a developing country. It gave me access to knowledge and opportunities that would otherwise have been out of reach. However, I’m shocked by how much the internet has changed over the years. Today, it is riddled with insecurity and censorship, threatening the access to information that I was so fortunate to have. Through my writing, I aim to educate others on how to gain access to information, stay safe online and protect their privacy. When I’m not writing, I’m baking baguettes and perfecting my sourdough bread, aiming for a crisp crust and ear.

Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn; I enjoy meeting new people, exchanging ideas and simply chatting.

Former Contributors to VPNOverview

Over time, we’ve worked with some amazing writers, journalists, and experts who have helped us turn VPNOverview into the platform it is today. Although they have since moved on to other jobs, you might find articles written by them on our website. We want to thank them for their dedication and effort.

Erik Schurer

Erik Schurer About Us AvatarMy name is Erik. I was educated in the humanities, after which I started to investigate technological and online culture. I have worked as an editor, copywriter, and translator on several platforms, with technology as a recurring theme.

Privacy and net neutrality are of particular interest to me. Data protection and online freedom raise questions that do not always have a clear answer, and these are precisely the questions that I enjoy diving into. In addition, it is fulfilling to inform readers about the risks and opportunities of the web.

Outside of work, I like playing the trumpet and bass guitar, as well as going out into nature. Also, I never say no to a good book or a good whisky.

Brad Richardson

My name is Brad Richardson and I’m a freelance writer from Canada who specializes in research and creating articles for websites across North America. I started writing for VPNOverview back in August 2020 and continue to create long-form articles for the team. I spend a lot of time online and am always eager to learn more about online privacy and data protection. When I’m not busy writing, I spend my time with my wife and two children. In my downtime, I like playing video games, reading, gardening, and baking.

Alexa Broek

Alexa BroekMy name is Alexa, and I was born and raised in Germany by a German mother and a Dutch father. I have a background in Dutch, European and International (Trade) Law and in the recent past, I’ve been a Blue Book trainee at the European Commission in Brussels.

Besides law, I also have a background in translating from English and Dutch into German, which I have been doing for more than six years now and I joined the VPNOverview team in October 2019 as a German translator.

In my daily work, security and online safety play a major role due to the confidential character of many documents. Consequently, I have a keen interest in the latest developments in the world of VPNs, online privacy, and cybersecurity.

Would you like to get in touch with me? Please feel free to visit my LinkedIn page.

Susan Morrow

Susan MorrowI’m Susan and I’ve worked in the IT security sector since the early nineties, working across diverse sectors such as file encryption, digital rights management, digital signing, and online identity. My mantra is that security is about human beings as much as it is about technology.

For VPNOverview.com, I cover topics related to cybersecurity and privacy for businesses. What digital threats do companies face in this day and era, and how can they shield themselves from harm? I will tell you all about it.

Apart from my contributions to VPNOverview, I’m also head of R&D at Avoco Secure. You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn page.

Max Pitchkites

Max PitchkitesMy name is Max Pitchkites and I have written about cybersecurity, cybercrime, and VPN services for both public and private organizations. I got my start writing and editing with a film festival and later fell into the IT space writing for a university’s internal cybersecurity publication. I think of the internet as the new “wild west” because it is a wide-open frontier of possibility that all of us are exploring each day, and that goes for the ransomware operators, scammers, and advanced persistent threat groups as well. I read and write about technology every day with the aim of keeping the internet an open place free from the threat of cyber-bandits who seek to compromise our privacy.

My life as a writer began with my childhood obsession with creating my own mythological worlds from my bedroom and filling notebooks with colorful illustrations. My creative writing and illustration work continues to this day when I’m not plugged into the world of technology.

Liz Wegerer

Liz WegererI’m a US expat currently based on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. Having lived and worked abroad for the past decade in various countries, keeping myself safe online and ensuring free access to digital information have been necessary priorities.

My exposure to the tech industry began with my first job writing help manuals for a financial services software company. It sparked my interest in technology. Staying on top of tech trends has been a focus in my professional work and private life ever since. From making the websites I build as secure as possible to ensuring access to the digital data I need through use of a Virtual Private Network, I enjoy applying technology to solve life’s daily challenges.

My U.S. ties are to Seattle, where I’ve had the opportunity to work within the Microsoft ecosystem over the years. Most recently, I spent a year working with security-focused Microsoft partners to help them strengthen their digital marketing initiatives. Attending industry events like GeekWire and being involved in groups like Women in Technology are strategies I employ to stay on top of the latest tech industry trends and news, even when living and traveling abroad.

Theodor Porutiu

Theodor Porutiu photoI’m Theodor and I love writing. I mean it, when I don’t have anything to work on for my clients or my job, I’ll just sit down and write something randomly. I started my career in the online marketing world when I was only 15, and I loved every moment of it. Since then, I’ve been working as a writer for a lot of tech websites, including Zapier, Cloudwards, and now VPNOverview. Besides my writing endeavors, I’m also a Staff Writer for Grai Group, a digital marketing agency focused on GTM strategies.

Having been in this medium for over 5 years, I’ve seen the dangers of it. I know how much a security breach can hurt someone, and I’m not a fan of companies that breach our privacy, so I’m constantly preaching about how important it is to browse the net safely. I found like-minded people here at VPNOverview when I joined in the summer of 2020, so I’m happy my words on privacy, security, and making the best out of the internet have a platform.

If you want to find out more about me, you can check my LinkedIn page.

Arta Mekuli

Arta MekuliI’m Arta, and I’m a Market Researcher. I’m enthusiastic about writing, researching exciting topics, and simplifying complex concepts.

I’ve been writing ever since I learned how to and have been doing so professionally for the last two years. I have a background in Marketing and Telecommunications, and I’ve been a part of the digital marketing world for a few years now. Because of that, safety within the online community piqued my interest. When all of your work happens in that space, you want to make sure it is well-protected!

At VPNOverview, I’m in charge of conducting original research and developing research campaigns. Because of that, I’m always looking for the next huge discovery that will help someone keep their personal details out of a cybercriminal’s hands and show how vulnerable everyone can be to these attacks.

Contact information VPNOverview.com

VPNOverview.com is part of the Internet Privacy Initiative. Our Dutch chamber of commerce number is: 74954164. You can find our main office at the following address:

VPNOverview.com / Internet Privacy Initiative
Groesbeekseweg 246a
6523PJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands

If you have a question about a specific topic, feel free to leave a comment on one of the many pages on our website. We do our best to answer your questions as adequately and quickly as possible.

You can also contact us by sending David an e-mail at [email protected]. He might not be able to respond to all commercial inquiries, but will always do his best to answer honest questions from site visitors.

What’s the idea behind VPNOverview.com?

At VPNOverview.com we cover everything that has to do with VPNs, online privacy, internet security and internet freedom. Below we’ll explain why we believe these topics are important.

Why we write about online privacy

Your privacy is a great asset, but has come under increasing pressure in recent years. There are many parties who could benefit from learning as much about you as possible. These can be advertisers, but also governments or hackers. In some cases you might be prepared to give up (part of) your privacy in exchange for ease of use; you’ve probably realized by now that Google follows you wherever you go, but at the same time Google Maps is so incredibly useful. Apparently, we are all prepared to give up part of our privacy at times. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we do need to find the right balance. By writing about online privacy, we hope VPNOverview.com will help make you aware of the data being collected about you. We also want to offer simple solutions and tips on how to better safeguard your privacy on the internet.

Why we write about internet security

Unfortunately, there are some serious dangers lurking on the internet today. Every year, tens of millions of people all across the world become the victim of cybercrime. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to ward yourself against cybercrime. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about identity fraud, ransomware, trojan horses, computer viruses, hackers, and the latest ingenious online scams. That way, you’re well-prepared and will no longer be an easy target for the average cybercriminal.

Why we write about internet freedom and online censorship

Our editorial team is fortunate enough to be living in one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to internet freedom. Even so, we encounter censorship and online restrictions. When we travel, for example, our favorite streaming services might suddenly not be accessible anymore. Even our WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook could be blocked during a stay abroad. We even experience censorship within our own country. To give a few examples: certain YouTube videos aren’t freely available, we do not get access to the extensive American Netflix library, and special online discount deals are sometimes only valid for people in other countries.

We find it important to make people aware of the different forms of online censorship, their possible impact on a democracy or society, and the solutions people use to circumvent internet censorship and online restrictions.

Why we write about VPN

The interesting thing about a VPN is that it will enhance your online experience in a very simple way. You install an app on your phone, computer, or router, connect to a VPN server (which only takes one click), and five seconds later your internet traffic is secured and anonymized. Not to mention, you have access to more parts of the internet. A VPN is the central hub that helps you to obtain the three essential benefits stated above, namely online security, privacy, and freedom.

About us recommending VPN providers

Let’s clarify one thing right away: VPNOverview.com is not a VPN provider! This website serves as an independent source of comparison. We test the VPN services of dozens of different VPN providers on the market so you can get an idea of which service might be right for you. Our goal is to do this as transparently and objectively as possible. Therefore, we use a standard test protocol that we developed ourselves. Nevertheless, there will always be a subjective component involved in the testing and assessment of a provider. Based on extensive testing, we form an opinion on every VPN we test and incorporate this opinion in the assessment. In other words, every review will always involve a subjective component, namely the personal opinion of the reviewer. If you’re interested, you can read more about the way we test VPN providers on this page.

When looking for a VPN, you’ll want to find a VPN that’s reliable and fits your needs. That’s why we test the various VPNs we review so extensively. After a test, we communicate our findings to the VPN providers so they can gain insight into how to improve their service. We also take the user experiences of our site visitors into account, so don’t hesitate to drop a comment under our informative articles or reviews!

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Protecting our journalists

Our research team frequently dives deep into the world of cybercrime or launches critical investigations into the privacy practices of government institutions or big tech. To protect their identity and safety, some of our journalists occasionally go undercover or operate under aliases in their day to day work, depending on if the research they are working on necessitates such an approach. For instance, when investigating criminal activities on the dark web, it might be crucial that our researchers’ identities remain hidden as to not blow their cover and ensure their safety. Rest assured that integrity is one of our most prominent values and we have strict ethical principles we adhere to during our investigations.

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